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Letter to the Editor by Maggie Jo Hilliard, Published February 19, 2020

Kentucky’s primary election is May 19, when each political party will choose a candidate to run in the Nov. 3 general election. Mitch McConnell is facing seven Republicans while 10 Democrats are running, including myself, an artist and attorney from Bowling Green with 15 years of state and federal trial and appellate experience.

Without interviewing all 10 Democrats, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee recently endorsed Amy McGrath. I’m grateful for her service, but readers should know she is pro-wall, pro-Trump, pro-Kavanaugh, anti-Medicare for All, anti-Free college for all and changed from independent to Democrat in 2018 before losing the 6th Congressional District seat to a Republican. KET requires candidates to raise $50K to participate in April’s televised debates. McGrath is funded by Super PACs and elite power players who want to choose Kentucky’s candidate for us – this is wrong. She is not the best candidate for the job.

Kentucky deserves a senator who will stand up to corruption and fight for Kentucky, the fifth poorest U.S. state with below national average incomes. We are No. 1 for cancer, No. 1 for lung disease, fifth for diabetes and second for septicemia deaths; top-ranked for opioid-related deaths, firearm deaths and homicides. We rank 45th in high school diploma holders and 47th for bachelor's degrees.

My campaign is working hard to highlight our collective needs for health care, education, environmental cleanup, jobs, infrastructure improvements, education, workers’ rights, internet access, universal suffrage, online voting, sensible gun laws, criminal justice reforms and equality for discriminated people.

Our kickoff concert is Friday at High Horse in Louisville; all are welcome. We will provide time on the mic for social/environmental advocates and candidates running in 2020.

Tickets are on sale for $20.20 at ElectMojo.com/events.

Maggie Jo Hilliard


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